Historic Landmarks of Tuckerton, New Jersey

This site documents various Tuckerton, NJ historical sites. Of particular interest are the thirty-one sites that have been awarded a plaque by the Tuckerton Borough Landmarks Commission.

The site information was provided by Barbara Bolton, Curator of the Tuckerton Historical Society.

[Landmark Plaque Image]

[Landmark Plaque Image]

John H. Yates
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Tuckerton Borough Landmarks Commission

Presentation of Plaques

The Tuckerton Landmarks Commission is the outgrowth of a state-funded study sponsored by the Tuckerton Borough Council and carried out by Town Plan Associates, for the development of a Marine Historic District. Part of the plan was to create a landmarks commission to designate historic districts and landmarks and to oversee the preservation of the town's historic sites and areas.

The Commission was established by the Borough Council in late 1982 and the first mapping of districts and landmarks was accomplished by mid-1983. Additional designations were made in 1990 and 1997.

Quaker Meeting House, Tuckerton, NJ (Photo by John H. Yates 2006)

Tuckerton, New Jersey Landmarks

Borough of Tuckerton, New Jersey
Landmarks Commission
Historic Plaques Awarded
As of November 18, 1998

Last Update: Sat Sep 16 23:53 EDT 2017

NDate of AwardHistoric SiteLatitude LongitudeVideo
12/22/1986Quaker Meeting House 39.60358 -74.34148 Video Icon
22/22/1986Methodist Cemetery 39.60542 -74.33998 Video Icon
32/22/1986Town Hall (Beneficial Hall) 39.60366 -74.33848
42/22/1986"Little" Borough Hall 39.60112 -74.33997
52/22/1986Old Grist Mill 39.60300 -74.34142
62/22/1986Child's Store 39.60342 -74.34029
72/22/1986Masonic Hall 39.60526 -74.33867
82/22/1986Tuckerton Library 39.59595 -74.33740
92/22/1986Bartlett House 39.60013 -74.34401
102/22/1986First Presbyterian Church of Tuckerton 39.60363 -74.33696
112/22/1986Little Red Saltbox (Sunny Brae) 39.60105 -74.34390
122/22/1986Lippincott House 39.60920 -74.33642
132/22/1986J. D. Thompson House 39.60382 -74.33759
1411/10/1990William Graham House 39.59825 -74.33620
1511/10/1990Frank Austin House 39.60486 -74.33360
1611/10/1990Sterling Otis Residence 39.60110 -74.33981
1711/10/1990Alphonse Kelly House 39.59923 -74.33915
1811/10/1990Leah Blackman House 39.60078 -74.33650
1911/10/1990Effie Allen House 39.60420 -74.33620
2011/10/1990Michael Mathis (Isaac Downs stage coach) 39.60363 -74.33861
2111/10/1990Mouse Factory (since demolished) 39.60142 -74.34564
2211/10/1990Early Telephone Office 39.60196 -74.33984
2311/10/1990Willow Landing (Oyster Shipping House) 39.60079 -74.34027
2411/10/1990Scow Landing (Oyster Shipping House) 39.59901 -74.33984
2511/10/1990120 East Main - Post Office (James W. Horner House) 39.60327 -74.33947
2610/15/1997Attorney Quinlan's Office 39.60140 -74.34758
2710/15/1997Whitley's "Party Boat Captain's House" 39.60535 -74.33939
2810/15/1997Parson's (John Hanson House) 39.60193 -74.34005
2910/15/1997Captain Horner Victorian 39.60364 -74.33736
3010/15/1997Dr. Mason's 39.60329 -74.33961
3110/15/1997Garvin's (Joseph Sapp Farmhouse) 39.60195 -74.33502

Other Tuckerton/Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey Landmarks

Other Tuckerton/Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey Landmarks

NHistoric SiteLatitude LongitudeVideo
1Pulaski Monument 39.57301 -74.36919
2Pulaski Headquarters (Willets-Andrews Farmhouse) 39.57330 -74.35625
3Big Creek Bridge 39.55376 -74.37445
4Wireless Block 1 39.55906 -74.37278
5Wireless Block 2 39.55977 -74.36933
6Wireless Block 3 39.55711 -74.37025
7Wireless Base 39.55863 -74.37074
8Giffordtown Schoolhouse 39.60115 -74.35944
9Indian Shell Mound 39.56954 -74.34397 Video Icon *
10Ebenezer Tucker Grave 39.60535 -74.33990 Video Icon
11Crab Island Fish Factory 39.51829 -74.33681 Video Icon *
* The starred videos are courtesy of Paul Petrone, from his public youtube videos.


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Other Tuckerton/Little Egg Harbor Maps

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GPS coordinates were obtained from maps as well as from a GPS device. Sometimes the location reported will be on the street closest to the site, and, if estimated from a map, it may be directly located in the private property space itself. Should you discover any large errors please report them.