Attorney Quinlan's Office

Attorney Quinlan Office, Tuckerton, NJ. (Photo by John H. Yates 2010)

Mr. Kevin Quinlan, 207 West Main Street.

This propery was owned by K. Shourds in the 1850's. The Lippincott family owned it for a while. Who built the house and owned the property first is not clear. The house had a great many renters through the years. Mr. & Mrs. Eiks were the owners in the forties. Mr. Thomas Grayson bought the property from Mrs. Eiks. He sold the house and land to Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Beranek in 1971. The Beraneks renovated and restored the old house. It became a place for antiques and a gracious way of living. Mrs. Lois Beranek sold the property to Mr. Quinlan in 1991.