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Initial Page: Nov 9, 2016
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Trump - Hitler Trump - Hitler Fascism Has Come To America!
Naomi Wolf - Fascist America, in 10 easy steps
On November 8, 2016, to begin on January 20, 2017
Shame on America! We must reverse this!
The only thing we have to fear are the GOP Grifters themselves!
Trump kept book of Hitler speeches by the bed.
Irish Politician Fascism Truth Teller.

The #Ignorant, the #Uneducated, the #BasketOfDeplorables, the #Dimwits of America have elected a Fascist Pig Lying Demagogue Grifter Racist for President. #FascistPig . #FascistPigElect .

BREAKING NEWS NOVEMBER 13, 2016: Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Victory Keeps Growing. Nearly two million votes now. Time for the Electoral College to do what it was intended to do! See Federalist No. 68

The immediate future of America is very dark.

What a lawyer told his clients.. A must read!

#GOP Grifters have seized America. The #GOP is a #BasketOfDeplorables .

America has been delivered into the hands of the very people who largely caused the very conditions that brought the dissent that has delivered control to them from an electorate that is too stupid to have learned from Fascist history in Germany, too stupid to identify and learn from scholars smarter than they are, too gullible to the self serving demagogues spewing the lies, deceit, voter suppression, sham conservative think tanks, and bought and paid for politicians representing only the super wealthy, not America.

A very sad day for America.

The KKK candidate.

Putin's candidate.

This is how Fascism Comes To America.

The dismantling of America will now begin. Hopefully, irate masses of citizens will be rallied into huge protests to stop the dismantling. When it impacts you who voted for the Fascist Pig, I want you to remember what YOU did to America. We on the left are not going to let you forget it, we are going to fight the regress of America with all the legal resolve and tools that we can muster. And we will be reminding you all along the way of what you have wrought in your incomprehensible ignorance.

Good and necessary government programs will be gutted or closed so that they can be privatized for the profit of the super rich. Safety net regulations will be removed. The GOP concern about budget deficits and the debt will suddenly be non-existent because everything that they do will be budget busters and blow up the debt. Their concern is only a sham when Democrats are in office. Have you not noticed that already? Are you stupid?

It is a dark day for America.

America the Deplorable!

Just look at the #Buffoons that are being bandied for the new Fascist Cabinet. The #FascistPig and his little #Piglets .

Fear not. Feed the backlash to the whitelash that just happened and exterminate it in 2020, if not before.

The experiment that is America is now at the most risk in its lifetime. We must rally to prevent this Administration from killing America and further delivering it into the hands of Oligarchs who only care about their profits and power and not the American people. Hopefully, we can save America. "A Republic, if you can keep it." -Benjamin Franklin.

Foreign countries, please assist us in saving America. Those of us in America who are sane and educated implore you.

Wake up Americans! America as envisioned by its Founders is truly in great danger, perhaps the greatest danger since its founding.

A Collection of Facts:

Some of the #BasketOfDeplorables:.
My plan on this page is to chronicle as many events as I can that mark the dismantling of America by these disgusting right wing grifters.
Events in the Dismantling of America:
Paul Krugman New York Times columns exposing the Fascist Pig elect.