Tuckerton Wireless Water Tower
Now at the Rams Head Inn, Galloway, NJ

Date of Photographs: November 29, 2012
Date of Gallery Update: Tue Dec 24 18:06 EST 2013
Photographs by John H. Yates

This water tower is the water tower originally at the Tuckerton Wireless Radio Station. References (1, 2, 3, 4).

Reference: "The Ram's Head has evolved and changed under numerous ownerships. The WWII-era building sits on five acres in Absecon, eight miles west of Atlantic City. The Water Tower, rising high above the Inn, was originally constructed as a part of the Tuckerton Wireless Tower power station in 1912. It was restored in 1982 and moved to the property to welcome visitors."

GPS: Current Location 39.45273 -74.53733.
GPS: Original Location 39.55825 -74.37042.

The black and white historic photographs here show the water tower at its original location and the color photographs show it at its current location.

Rams Head Inn Water Tower

Rams Head Inn Water Tower

Rams Head Inn Water Tower

Tuckerton Wireless Feedline

Tuckerton Wireless Tower Base

Tuckerton Wireless Buildings and Antenna