Somers Burial Ground on Grounds of New York Avenue School, Somers Point, NJ

Date of Photographs: June 06, 2009
Date of Gallery Update: Thu Dec 26 21:22 EST 2013
Photographs by John H. Yates

Caption NYAve_Sch_Constanc e_Somers_gravestone

Caption NYAve_Sch_thr ee_gravestones

Caption NYAveSch_Col_Richar d_Somers_gravestone

Caption NYAveSch_somers1

Caption NYAveSch_somers2

Caption NYAveSch_somers3

Caption NYAveSch_somers4

Caption NYAveSch_somers5

Caption NYAveSch_somers_east

Caption NYAveSch_so mers_marker

Caption NYAveSch_som ers_monument

Caption NYAveSch_s omers_north

Caption NYAveSch_s omers_south

Caption NYAveSch_somers_west

Caption NYAveSch_Soph ia_gravestone