Leah Blackman's History of Little Egg Harbor Township Errata


John H. Yates

Last Update: Sun Sep 02 12:47 EDT 2012

This is a collection of Errata for The History of Little Egg Harbor Township by Leah Blackman (HLEHT).

It is under construction.

It is meant to caution the reader on known and suspected errors and, of course, cannot be guaranteed complete nor free of errors itself. At best we are assisting in correcting incorrect conclusions, at worst we are pointing out cases that the reader should examine and derive their own conclusions.

This is version 0.0001 . As time permits, it will be improving in content and presentation.

The book Blackman Revisited details more errata than I remembered. I will attempt to address what is there, but rather than describe the details in each case, I may describe the issue and refer to the book and page number for the reader to obtain the details. (the primary intent of this page is to alert researchers where inaccuracies may lie, not necessarily to supply all the details of the inaccuracies, which need to be judged by the reader in any case).

Readers are encouraged to submit corrections. Please include documentation supporting the correction. Credible corrections will be added to this list, the latest version of which can be found here.