Microsoft Word 2016 Hall of Shame

Last Update: Sun Jul 10 20:47 EDT 2016
This is an early draft. It will take better shape as I find time.

Microsoft Word 2016

The Windows version has problems with the compatibility mode and read only. It seems if you once save the document as an earlier doc file, it remembers that and when you double click on the file it will always open it in compatibility mode from then on, even after you once again save it as a docx. Something is really wrong. I Googled and found three steps that might fix this, the first two didn't, and the last involved writing to the rats nest called a Registry (what a colossal bad idea the Registry is! They've seen Unix by now, right?). I did't risk writing to the Registry, at least yet.
The file will open properly if you first open Word, then navigate to the file, and open it that way. Very annoying!

Microsoft Word 2016 differs in the Windows and Mac version in some disturbing ways.
The Mac version does not display a Save progress bar. Very disorienting for large files.
Layout -> Insert is missing the advanced page breaks. I did find them in top menu Insert -> Marks -> (double check this).
The Word version has an Export to pdf File menu option. The Mac version has none. And Save as pdf wanted to do it in the cloud for some reason. I declined. Later it somehow did save it directly but there were issues.
Moving the docx back and forth from a Windows and Mac machine also introduces issues. I noticed section headers were no longer centered, but left justified. Not sure what else was munged.
I have also found that the advanced features required for "desktop publishing" are rather arcane, and hidden in odd places. I would think that they could afford a good designer to clean up the mess so you didn't have to Google how to find common, intuitive commands.

Wouldn't you think that by now Microsoft could have a fully usable Word product???!!!

Keywords for the Google Search Engine: Microsoft Word, sucks.